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Red Flag Tour info

Jun 30, 2002  Toronto Canada Synth Pop Goes the World
May 17, 2002   Lima Peru  
May 23, 2002 Los Angeles HullySkully? Shades of Grey ROOM 1202 Provision
May 12, 2002 San Diego Club XANTH  an all ages show
Apr 13, 2002  San Diego CA Canes Red Flag opened for Daniel Ash
Mar 16, 2002    Mexico City in association with Metropolis Org (DADA X)
Mar 15, 2002    Guadalajara Mexico in association with Pür Synth Organization Club: Seven-o-Seven 707 — in Guadalajara, : Nexus8 (Pür Zynth Label)
Dec 29, 2001 Troubadour — Los Angeles with special guests Room 1202
Dec 07, 2001  El Paso TX at AREA 51
Nov 17, 2001  Chicago Illinois Double Door
Nov 06, 2001 San Diego CA CASBAH with ElectroCrypt, Creepy Creeps & Cattle Decapitation
Oct 26, 2001 San Jose, California The USUAL Club
Oct 07, 2001 Dallas Texas The Church — Lizard Lounge
Oct 05, 2001 Houston Texas  Cardi’s
Oct 04, 2001 Houston Texas Underworld Nightclub — Numbers with: Provision
Sep 22, 2001 Scottsdale Arizona  Chaser’s Nightclub
Jun 22, 2001 Seattle WA   Venue:  The Catwalk
Jun 23, 2001 Portland OR Venue: The New Paris Theatre
Apr 27, 2001 Country: Hamburg GERMANY : Markthalle Theatre De/Vision, S.P.O.C.K und Toy
Mar 25, 2001 The Warehouse’ — Cincinnati Ohio
Mar 24, 2001 MESH and RED FLAG LIVE AT THE BATCAVE   New York NY
Mar 23, 2001 (all ages venue) RED FLAG with FAITH ASSEMBLY chasers-aurora Chicago IL 
Mar 22, 2001 Chicago IL  Venue: The Drink — MESH, RED FLAG, FAITH ASSEMBLY
Mar 03, 2001 Mexico City, MEXICO Club: DADA X  — Address: Bolivar 31 — 2nd floor, Centro Historico BANDS: RED FLAG, Cosmicity and nihil obstat DJ’s: DJ SYTH , DJ KOMA and DJ TRANSFER
Feb 18, 2001 Sacramento, CA Asylum Concert Venue: The Rage Nightclub in-store appearance at PUGZ Monday the 19th @ 7:00 pm
Feb 16, 2001 DreamStreet Theatre in San Diego, CA with  Fallen 019  Call Me Alice and 1volatile1
Jan 15, 2000 AREA 51 Salt Lake City UT
Dec 18, 2000 Dreamstreet Theatre San Diego CA Voz Frontera, Fallen 019,  Call Me Alice
Nov 17, 2000 El Centro CA Event: Blanc Image Coyote Wells
Sep 03, 2000 Live at the PlayRoom Hollywood CA (formerly the PROBE)
Aug 12, 2000 Event: TIVOLI Festival Helsingborg SWEDEN Dance or Die, S.P.O.C.K., Melotron
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Venue: LimeLight Theatre New York NY
Venue: Roseland Ballroom with Thomas Dolby — New York NY
Venue: RITZ Theatre with DEVO —  New York NY
Venue: Wiltern Theatre with Thomas Dolby —  Hollywood CA
Venue: Paladium Tijuana Mexico
Venue: Galveston with Book of Love Galveston TX
Venue: Lizard Lounge Dallas TX
Venue: SOMA San Diego CA
Venue: The Spirit Club San Diego CA
Venue: Club I.D. San Diego CA
Venue: BULK San Diego CA
Venue: Manikkin Club San Diego CA
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