Red Flag synthpop band

Red Flag History

Red Flag History

Mark Geoffrey Reynolds: Vocalist, Lyricist, Electronic musician, producer, arranger, dreamer (blond hair)
Born: Plymouth, England, Jan 17th
Resides: San Diego, CA
Favorite Possession: A Brain
Hobby: Surfing



Christopher Karl Reynolds: Composer, Musician — Classically trained pianist, producer, arranger, dreamer (black hair)
Born: Gibraltar Spain, July 27th
Resides: San Diego
Favourite Album: The Lighthouse — Red Flag
Hobby: Surfing


The brothers were born and spent their childhood in Liverpool (England). Their father used to work as itinerant worker, and all family moved in Montreal and Seattle after him. From the 1979, the family had lived in San Diego (state California).

Mark Reynolds acquired a Roland Juno-60 synthesizer in 1982, and after that the guys commenced to play electronic music in 1982.

Roland JUNO-60

«Distant Memories» was the first song, which guys had recorded. It was chosen for an album “Local Heroes” for San Diego broadcasting station 91X in 1984.

Red Flag from San Diego

Red Flag — Distant Memories era

After that, brothers used to begin by music and computer technology in earnest. In this time, the band took its name “Red Band”. Years later, this name was associated with the symbol of the USSR, though the brothers infused, that this sign was taken as a warning signal from surfing.

In March 1988, the brothers appeared at a party for Resource Record Pool, which was based in the south of California, in the Mannikin club. The producer and head of Synthicide Records Jon St. James observed there this band, and initiated to review of their demo tapes in the following day. St. James was noted for his partnership with singer Stacey-Q, which he coached.

Red Flag at the Synthicide Records Jon St. James

The brothers’ first single «Broken Heart» was recorded in the next week, in July 1988 at St. James’ recording studio, Formula 1. This single was emitted in 1989. From this moment, the band played at lager rendezvouses, as Videopolis at Disneyland.

First album of the due “Naïve Art”, was let ought in 1989 of seminal new wave under label “Enigma” and presented with the greatest success. It was so corresponding in style to the group’s recordings, with using of synthesizers and dance rhythms, which were gloomy in mood. Some of these singles were highly charted by US Billboard Hot Dance Music, for example, by “Russian Radio” № 11 & «If I Ever» №12.

Naïve Art

Red Flag used to reveal itself on American Bandstand, and the video for “Russian Radio” was performed by MTV`s. Renowned directors worked on Naïve Art as Paul Robb of synth-pop band Information Society and J. Watt of Razormaid. “Naïve Art” continue to stay the full album “Razormaid” have been ever produced.

Red Flag started to tour frequently, playing at the first as opening act for synth-pop singers such as Devo, Th. Dolby, Book of Love and Real Life. In 1991, “Enigma Records” was closed, and the group begun to work with I. R. S. Records. Their “Machines” was emitted in 1992 before leaving their label in 1993. After that, an independent record symbol, Plan B Records was based by the group, from which they released all their following recordings. Red Flag records were passed on numerous digests, including some which were produced by Razormaid.

Plan B Records

Plan B Records old contact:
PO Box 34716
San Diego, CA 92163
Phone/FAX: (619) 560-7560

By 2000 was the highly acclaimed their obscure album “The Crypt”, the band was performed with European electro-pop and future-pop bands. 05. 17. 2002, Red Flag executed for public of about 1000 fans at the concert in Peru (Lima).

Mark Reynolds committed to self-murder on 04. 07. 2003.

Mark Reynolds R.I.P.

In 2007, Chris Reynolds renewed the band’s official site, announcing there about schedules to release a new solo album. The freshly released album “Born Again” in which Chris Reynolds debited as vocalist, has glamour fans in the deep industrial and Goth styles.

Red Flag Born Again

Chris Reynolds also announced plans for December, 2007 released album about Christmas Eve and perhaps a «best of» album. Red Flag’s retrieval tour was started by shows in Chicago and was included festival concerts at Dark Arts Festival 07, Gothicfest 07 & Gothic Cruise 08. Paul Fredric of Asmodeus X and Phase Theory at the present time filling in on electronic percussion.

Red Flag Music

The first album of Red Flag with their Naïve Art, was accepted by music critics as a intermixture of classical melodies, energetic dance hits and mechanical sounding ones. The album “The Lighthouse” (1994) was excelled stylistically from the band’s previous or following recordings, with its serene melodies.

In 2000 was released the highly proclaimed dark album “The Crypt”, which was marked a new darker & more payable style. The style of Red Flag often used to collate with the period of the music challenging from Europe’s future-pop movement. Its music was distinguished by a unique fashion, which dissociating from any another electronic music.

“ Fear of a Red Planet” and “The Bitter End” were strong criticized by musical critics of the synth-pop genre, which were lamented they regarded the dismal and obscure sides of the albums collated to Red Flag’s forward synth-pop works. Only later on, these two albums were noticed again by fans and DJs of the Goths and dark-wave styles, and after that where caused a resurgence of interest.

No better than preceding albums was with “Code-breaker t133” in 2003. This fast album set to a strike of 133 in a minute was more dancing than some previous Red Flag works.

The remix album of Red Flag “Who are the Skulls?” was released in 2002, demonstrated other synth-pop performers such as Information Society’s Paul Robb, Cosmicity, Provision, and Rob Rowe of Cause & Effect. The conception of this album was to arrange a project in reply to the numerous inquiries from other remixes to work with the brothers.

In 2007, Chris Reynolds renewed noting as Red Flag and produced the especial album “Born Again”, which was welcomed among the gothic community.

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