Red Flag Steve’s Exclusive Interview
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Steve’s Exclusive Interview

Red Flag Steve's Exclusive Interview, 1995Thanks to Mark for answering these questions: (June 1995)
Q: Did you guys have an album ready to go after the «Machines» single was released? Did any of these end up on The Lighthouse or did you start fresh?
A: I forget. I’ve blocked that episode out of my mind.

Q: How were you first «discovered» by Synthicide?
A: By accident. We were playing in a little dive in PB (Pacific Beach I assume). It was a Synthicide showcase and we were the opening act.

Q: Do you plan on releasing any singles or remixes from The Lighthouse?
A: Not at this time, but we are currently working on a new album.

Q: Yourselves and Anything Box have both started labels to release your own stuff. Do you find it difficult not having the major label distribution and publicity, or is it all together better not having any outside meddling?
A: I hated being on a label. It sucked. If I wanted to be told what to do, I would have joined the Army.

Q: I used to bodyboard down at Imperial Beach a lot. What’s your favorite surf spot?
The answer to this is a secret!

Q: A friend of mine would like to know if you guys start a song with lyrics or a melody?
A: Melody.

Q: Any more shows planned for this year?
A: Yes

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