Red Flag Review Lima (Part 1)
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Mayo 20, 2002

Alfredo García
Fotos: Eddy Lozano

Translated by M.Reynolds

redflagreviewlima1It was one of those few occasions in which an electronic concert, caused so much expectation. Red Flag played on Friday the 18th of May and for many months the concert had been anticipated by, Gothics, and Synthpoppers and Lima fans alike. Scheduled in the Museum of the Nation, nearly 1000 persons attended to cheer the brothers Mark and Christopher Reynolds. By 11pm the opening band, X-plora and Ensamble had finished their sets.

Natives of Liverpool and residing in San Diego, California, the brothers Reynolds brought their best to the setting. Mark the singer with original attire and Chris playing synthesizers and wearing a similar outfit. The presentation began with «If I Ever» one of the most popular songs of the group and one of its first successes. They followed with the songs, as «Fear of a Red Planet», «I see you», «For the dark», «Cause and consequence» and «King of Everything», all well received, but with the songs of its debut album «Naïve Art» garnered the greater applause of the public: «Broken Heart», «All roads leads to you» and «Give me your hand», had the people jumping in euphoria while Mark Reynolds extended his hands to the public, by making reference to the song “Give me your Hand”.

redflagreviewlima2Then the group surprised to the audience with a pair of covers: «Immigrant Song», of Led Zeppelin; and «Tainted Love», of Soft Cell. An emotional moment arrived with the song «Rain», in which the people — lighters in hand- gave a special environment to the concert. The petitions of the public would come later. Mark asked what they wanted what to hear and the answer was evident: «Count to three». Moments later Red Flag would return for an encore, before the applauses of the people. They returned to the stage with new version with one of their more popular songs «Machines» and another of their more popular songs: «Russian Radio», which ended the concert on a memorable note, as events of the type are very rare.

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