Red Flag — Endless 2019 (Album review)
by on 10 февраля, 2019 in Articles and Interviews

My small review on the newly Red Flag album — Endless. Bought, downloaded and listened today.

01 — Endless

The very dynamic, modern sound of the bass line and the familiar voice introduces literally into a trance. Work of the highest class. While listening, goosebumps ran down more than once.

02 — Back to the Beginning

Again a deep, rich sound. Collaboration of hard dark techno and melodic part. Something reminiscent of Dangerous (Depeche Mode). Everything is done in the best traditions of Red Flag.

03 — The Nights Eternity

In the voice part there is a sensation of the invisible presence of Mark, God rest his soul. It feels like he is singing backing vocals. In music, there are new gadgets and approaches that were not there before. It’s nice to realize that.

04 — The Epic the Wise

In this composition there is a clear reference to the earlier work, the days of the album The Crypt. It’s like a summer night’s dream. I do not want to wake up.

05 — Vanished

Purely on hearing reminds Halo. I want to listen to the end, waiting for a great loss, and he will be! Long, beautiful, melodic.

06 — Once Forever

The tempo of the composition is gradually gaining momentum, engaging in a new journey. The vocals are muffled, soft, without a metallic tint.

07 — Not for Gold

The classic of dark electronic music, the motive has no skeleton, a cross between singing and recitative.

08 — Mask

Hard rhythm, quite comparable with fashionable modern compositions, such as Where The Revolution (Depeche Mode) and Dangerous (M.I.N.E.).

09 — We’ll Never Die

We will never die! Chris sings about it. His soul screams about it. Is this not the motto for all of us? The music in this composition is only in the background, it is like a wrapper for philosophical thought.

10 — Still Bargaining

Continuing a serious conversation, which has long been brewing between us and Chris. You just need to listen without turning away.

11 — Missnomer

Close your eyes, listen, listen, catch sounds, finding new ones every time. This is the same feeling when listening to Oberkorn at Depeche Mode. Trance and relax, suitable for both the melodrama and the horror film. Who will go down.

The overall impression of the album is a bomb. Without any preliminary advertising, announcements, from nowhere. Good, modern, excellent sound, quality product. Not willing to 10 bucks. I will definitely buy it on CD.

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