Red Flag — Doing It Their Way
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Red Flag-Doing It Their Way by Robert Semrow (Synth Music Network-Vol. 2-Issue 1 Spr’95)

Red Flag - The LighthouseOne of the most asked questions we get is, «What ever happened to Red Flag?» Well, here’s what lead vocalist Mark Reynolds told us when we asked him that question. «After releasing records on four separate labels ans subsequently being cut from all of them, we decided to try a different approach, Plan B. Plan B Records is our own label. We’ve only got one band right now, but they’re pretty good. So that’s what we’ve been up to- building an empire and a Lighthouse.»

The duo, which are based out of San Diego, California, have recently released a full length CD entitled «The Lighthouse.» We asked them the significance of the title, Mark responded, «The working title was ‘Reaction’, but as the album progressed and more songs were written, a theme began to appear. With all the references to the sea, the title ‘Lighthouse’ is the result of a couple of guys from Kearny Mesa (San Diego) trying to write music as best they can without the meddling of an A&R rep.» This album is a big departure frm the club friendly «Naive Art» days. We asked him, why the change? He quipped, «Because this is America.» O.K., well, for those who were attached to Red Flag’s «Naive Art» sound, the new album does incorporate some of those influences and Mark’s voice is as strong and smooth as ever.

Probably the biggest insight as to the change of feel, is what Mark told us when asked about his musical references, «Not ‘who’, but ‘what’. What have been my musical influences? When you’re starting out, and writing songs for the first time, it is ‘who’ influences you the most; but after a while, the question becomes ‘what’, and that ‘what’ is life. The ups and downs, the good and the not so good. They’re all in there between the grooves if you listen closely.» Mark’s favorite track is «My Love,» the reason, «I love the way ‘My Love’ turned out. I’m proud of the entire album, but ‘My Love’ has someting very special about her; (Could he mean his wonderful wife Sandi?).»

What does the future hold for Red Flag? We don’t know. We asked them that and many other questions, to which he declined to answer. Oh well, we’ll take what they’re willing to give. We wish Red Flag the best.

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