KWOD — The Rage
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KWOD @ The Rage, Sacramento by Jeri Beck. (Control-Alt-Delete, Issue 8, April 1995.)

KWOD @ The RageI was so excited when I found out I was going to this show. It was to be my first time to meet Seven Red Seven, and to see Machine In Motion on stage. I was definitely up for more from Red Flag. To make things even better, Dania of Anything Box showed up. I had more fun at this show than any other since C-A-D started. The bands had all worked together before, I delivered C-A-D #7, it felt like a reunion. Karen Reali did a spectacular job organizing this event, no wonder everyone loves her. The party started at sound check and continued all night.

The show occurred during serious rainstorms in northern California. Michael Hayes of KWOD, is certifiably insane and the madness spread from the outward. After the sound check, in the most pounding rain of the day, he loaded seventeen of us into the KWOD van and drove us downtown to the radio station. The high point was when ascending a railroad crossing at near Mach 1, we were actually airborne for several seconds. The remainder of the trip was punctuated by Mark Reynolds (Red Flag) periodically clapping his hands to the side of his head screaming «We’re All Gonna Die!!!» We tumbled out in the middle of town like something from Ringling Brothers. Then we all mashed into the same elevator (more screaming from Mark) and rode to the top, to commandeer the airwaves. I wish I had us on tape, it was one of the most bizarre promos ever to air, due partly to the huge number of us, but largely to the Reynolds’ macabre sense of humor.

(Little bit about Seven Red Seven and Machine in Motion)

Even though Red Flag did a set fairly similar to the one they did in Dallas, the band was totally different at this show. In Dallas, Mark had seemed somber and wistful, and Chris, more distant. In Sacramento, the mood of the day prevailed and they really let go and had fun with the audience. «Russian Radio» drove the crowd into a throbbing frenzy. They jumped en masse as they belted out the chorus with him. By the time their set closed with Soft Cell’s «Tainted Love,» the audience was truly theirs. It was pandemonium getting back through the crowd to the dressing room.

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