Red Flag ‎– Time Is The Reaper
RELEASED: 01.08.2008
ARTIST: Red Flag
LABEL: Plan B Records
PRODUCER: Chris Reynolds
Time Is the Reaper

In his release entitled “Time is the Reaper, Chris Reynolds really demonstrates his commitment and ability to continue to make stellar electro albums. Excellent in all facets, this album jumps out at you from the artwork to every last detail. As for the sound, this album envelops the listener into a dark and heavy in atmosphere in a way similar to the Born Again album and seems to be somewhat of a continuation but, somehow sonically forging ahead.  What you got here is an album full of attractive tracks that gets better with every listen. Keep them coming Chris! We’re listening….


1 Halo 5:07
2 Stranger Than Fiction 3:00
3 Once Past Twice Future 3:36
4 Doomsday Code 3:04
5 Let It Begin 4:01
6 Misery Loves Company 3:44
7 My Door Is Open 3:37
8 Maybe This Maybe Is Gone 3:26
9 Sinister 2:55
10 Break The Spell 3:11
11 Time Is The Reaper 4:03
12 Like A Prisoner 6:10
13 Morning Circus 3:50


  • Written-By – Red Flag


© 2008 Made in U.S.A.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 7 66994 50052 9

«My gift is this song
Your love has lifted me
The whole world is one kiss me
And if you agree with me

My door is open»

Chris Reynolds’ second full-length album since his brother Mark’s passing approximately 6 years ago, has elevated the status of Red Flag nigh unto its previous glory… maybe even surpassing it.

Reynolds invites his fans to accept his latest offering and doesn’t disappoint.

«Time is the Reaper» is a fast-paced, industrial dreamscape of harsh beats, catchy rhythms, and sing-along melodies, not entirely unlike «Codebreaker T133». However, where «CT133» falls short, «Reaper» shines.

Lyrically, this is a strong album. Reynolds covers everything from the urgent need for love in this forsaken world (Let it Begin), to religious hypocrisy (Sinister), to the end of existence (Doomsday Code) with pure poetry. His voice, while slightly less melodic than brother Mark’s, begins to shine through in this release, which is refreshing because, on his previous release, «Born Again», it seemed as if he was trying to hide it a little bit.

Make no mistake, Chris has a very clear, very melodic baritone/tenor vocal which is particularly prominent in Maybe this Maybe is Gone, Time is the Reaper, and the stunning, but slightly-too-long Like a Prisoner.

There is a dearth of slow, old-school Red Flag ballads here, which in my opinion is the only major flaw with the album. However, an industrial-sounding piece it seems to have been meant to be, and an industrial-sounding album it is. But I have every confidence that Chris Reynolds can create a beautiful ballad if he wanted too.

Overall, an exciting, hard-pounding delight of electronica combined with none of the grating vocals of a typical industrial outfit, «Time is the Reaper» is highly recommended.

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